We recently moved near Mystic CT to enhance our healthy lifestyles. After five years in densely populated Jersey City, we needed more breathing room. We no longer needed to commute to the city with our remote work status, and we decided a change would do us some good. Finding space The move here was an intentional one designed to embrace my amphibious nature. I love the water. I learned to swim as a toddler, and
There is only a handful of activities I can experience with my elderly mother that is mutually enjoyable. Such was my dilemma on my most recent visit to South Florida, timed around my mother's 90th birthday, which happened to fall the day before Mother's Day. A visit to the Standard Spa in Miami Beach seemed the perfect way to wind down a hectic week of celebrations with out-of-town family members and close friends. Facilitating parties,
wear a mask when traveling
Or how to travel safely despite looser travel restrictions It’s that time of year again. With so much pent-up demand and decreasing numbers of new Coronavirus infections, there’s bound to be an uptick in travel for traditional Easter/Passover and spring break holidays. And with local jurisdictions in states like Texas and Mississippi effectively pulling back all mask mandates and opening businesses 100%, there will surely be a run on trips to the beach, the pool,
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This year will no doubt be an experiment in managing expectations for a return to “normalcy”, as fatigue, political divisiveness and downright apathy set in, keeping our safe return to offices, schools and houses of worship in question. Although more than 1 million travelers per day were screened by TSA this holiday season (despite warnings from top health officials), the reprise of leisure and business travel in 2021 will depend on a number of factors,
booking hotels online
We’ve all done it. Booked a hotel room after conducting a search on Expedia, Travelocity, Booking.com or another online travel agency (OTA). The destination had many hotel options. As did each of the hotel listings. We booked the lowest rate, and provided our credit card info to hold the room. Only to realize afterwards, we made a mistake! Unfamiliarity with an OTA site and a hasty decision based on low pricing can lead to a