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We’ve all been there: you spend hours and hours planning a special vacation for yourself and your family, and yet when you get to your destination it’s less than perfect. Maybe you get stuck behind a large crowd at that famous attraction you really wanted to see, or you get lost on your way to your hotel. Before you know it, hours are wasted that could have been spent enjoying this new place with your
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PEOPLE ALWAYS ASK ME WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO LIVE IN THE MIDDLE EAST I am standing in line waiting my turn at the currency exchange kiosk at the City Centre mall. It is a typical Thursday afternoon in expat life: there are 40 or more expats from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and assorted other countries in line with me, waiting to wire their paychecks home. As usual, some locals cut the line, and
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Why El Silencio Lodge & Spa Costa Rica | As  a member of Relais & Chateaux group of hotels and a Virtuoso supplier, I knew El Silencio Lodge & Spa in Costa Rica would be a luxurious retreat. Checking it out on the website, it was reminiscent of one of my favorite resorts, the Lodge at Pico Bonito in La Ceiba, Honduras. In person, it was everything I had hoped for. When we began our
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Planning our first visit to Costa Rica in 20 years, it became clear how diverse and expansive this country is, with extensive options and product available for a wide variety of travelers in different price ranges. With so many options, it was difficult to pinpoint our own itinerary, considering we were flying into San Jose and renting a car.  We didn’t want to spend hours every day driving to different destinations, yet we wanted to