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We’ve all done it. Booked a hotel room after conducting a search on Expedia, Travelocity, or another online travel agency (OTA). The destination had many hotel options. As did each of the hotel listings. We booked the lowest rate, and provided our credit card info to hold the room. Only to realize afterwards, we made a mistake! Unfamiliarity with an OTA site and a hasty decision based on low pricing can lead to a
top us spa resorts summer chill
If you’re traveling this summer, chances are you’ll need some relief from the heat wherever you go. Consider a destination chill-out at one of the top US spa resorts. Luckily some of the hottest (as in, most popular) destinations also offer travelers respite from the summer heat. Here I’ve highlighted a handful of award-winning Five Star spas in Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles that offer cool vibes and special summer deals. Forbes Travel Guide
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Since the Trump administration imposed greater restrictions on travel to Cuba in June, there have been a lot of disappointed travelers, many cancelled cruises and boatloads of confusion around the topic. Those who missed the chance to visit the island nation under the previously popular “people-to-people” category may be surprised to learn there are still ways to travel to Cuba without breaking the law. There continues to be 12 existing categories under which Americans can
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What is a “wellness cruise”? Wellness travel can be described as any form of holiday that is designed to help you maintain or improve your well-being, and there’s no better place to set your wellness intentions than on a wellness cruise. The primary goal of a wellness holiday is self-care, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or all of the above. A wellness cruise provides the perfect vehicle to meet these goals. It is no
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With so many travel options available, and so many cruise vacation options specifically, how do you narrow your choices and find the right cruise vacation experience for you? And how do you even know if you will enjoy a cruise vacation? Cruising has been a popular vacation option for more than 100 years, dating back to the glamorous days of steamship travel aboard liners like Titanic and Queen Mary. Nowadays there is a plethora of