Welcome to my world!

Hi, I’m Loretta, a travel agent, wellness enthusiast, and certified yoga instructor.

Zensational Journeys was born from my love of travel and my desire to conjoin my yogic lifestyle with transformational experiences that may be shared with others. After years of travel and self-discovery as a runner, swimmer, cyclist, fitness enthusiast and yogi, I see a whole new world of travel unfolding, with abundant opportunities to engage the body and mind. I’m happy to share my inside knowledge of the travel industry as I curate the perfect wellness vacation for you.

Conceived by parents who were “carnies”, I’ve been logging miles ever since, experiencing life-altering changes along the way: from my explorations as a back-packer through Europe, to my VIP days as a travel industry executive in Central America, South America and the Caribbean, to the cultural awakenings of life as an expat in the Middle East, to my recent spiritual journey of mindfulness and acceptance in India and Asia.

Join me as I continue to traverse the planet in search of new and exciting travel opportunities that engage the mind, body and spirit. My travel industry resources, combined with in-depth knowledge, can help you uncover hidden gems that take you beyond the usual packaged vacation experience.


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