rediscovering miami: street art wynwood murals
Home to internationally acclaimed #artbasel, Miami has become an art-centric city, with galleries, outdoor exhibits, exotic tropical gardens and skylines rising to the occasion. Returning to Miami two years after moving away, I’ve rediscovered this vibrant city in a new way.  No longer consumed by the daily grind, I have
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abu dhabi heritage village

February 14, 2010

Arrival in Abu Dhabi

It is Friday, “family day, in Abu Dhabi, and we park along the corniche, a popular common denominator of these Gulf port cities. There is a strange, wooden structure, which looks as though someone piled together a bunch of two-by-fours to build, in the center of the plaza by the
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aloft abu dhabi
With many hotel options to choose from, I decided to book the Aloft Abu Dhabi, in part because I had read good things about this new concept brand by Starwood, but primarily because of its free internet access.  My expectations were exceeded, with super-comfy beds with high-grade Egyptian cotton linens;
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museum islamic art doha qatar

February 7, 2010

Duplicity in Doha

Marshall is there to meet me, on the other side of the arrivals hall in Doha. Immediately upon deplaning, I notice the cultural changes and duplicitous manner of life in this oil-rich kingdom. Three young women in black burqas embellished with beaded sequin trim around the cuffs, carrying Gucci and
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avatar sam worthington
I can hardly contain my excitement about my experience in British Airway’s new terminal at London Heathrow. Flying in at 6 am, I feel on the verge of a new adventure, a new chapter ahead with the promise of international intrigue and glamour. A clear, crisp morning reveals the sprawling
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